Marketing Management

Level - 1 ( Duration -12 Months)
information Systems
Sales & Marketing Essentials
Stakeholder Marketing
Assessing the Marketing Environment
Marketing Communication
Sales Management
Business Strategies, and Marketing Planning

Level-II ( Duration -6 Months)
Market Segmentation
Industry and Competitor Analysis
Research and Information
Marketing Management in Transition Economies

Diploma( Level -I) - 12 Months
Advanced Diploma ( Level I + Level II ) - 18 Months

Warehouse Management

Warehousing and Inventory Management
Elements of warehousing Strategy
Developing a warehouse Strategy
Warehouse Planning
Warehouse Cost Management
Performance Management and Improvement
Warehouse Management
Warehouse Administration
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Inventory Management
Packaging and Distribution Management
IT tools for Warehouse Management

Sales & Marketing

Marketing Principles
Customer Relationship/Sales Management
Marketing Research and Planning
Product Development
Product Planning
Retail Marketing
Financial Management
Strategic Issues in Marketing
Time Management